14 July 2024 – Hope in a Fractured World – Mark 6:7-13

Our Cornerstones

Christ is the center of all things for St. Christopher’s. Our patron saint’s name means Christ-bearer, which we seek to do in thought, word and deed. Our Lord speaks to us through scripture and prayer, we encounter his life and grace in the Holy Mysteries of the sacraments, and he is manifested in the world through his community, the church. These four cornerstones lay the foundation of Christ’s work in us, and our work as we participate in the building of the kingdom of God in Wooster, Wayne County, and the surrounding communities we inhabit.

Upcoming Events

Midweek Eucharist
July 10 – 12:15pm

Sunday Worship
July 21 – 10:30am

Pub Club
July 22 – 6:00pm


Other News & Notes