Our Four Congregational Cornerstones
Christ is the center of all things for St. Christopher’s.  Our patron saint’s name means Christ-bearer, which we seek to do as a community of faith.  Our Lord speaks to us through scripture and prayer, we encounter his life and grace in the Holy Mysteries of the sacraments, and he is manifested in the world through his community, the church.  These core values lay the foundation of our work in the building of the kingdom of God in Wooster and the surrounding communities we inhabit.

Is St. Christopher’s for You?
If you want…
…to encounter the Lord Jesus Christ through the hearing of and proclamation of Holy Scripture and in the sharing of Holy Communion at his Table
…to worship God in song through theologically rich hymns set to beautiful and singable tunes, as well as liturgical music that will take root in our hearts and resonate within us throughout the week
…to celebrate the Holy Days of the church year in which we commemorate what God has done for us in Christ
…to have an opportunity to study the Bible and the tenants of our faith
…to share in conversation and table-fellowship with one another
…to be equipped to have a lively faith in everyday life and share the love of Christ in the world
…be a part of a church tradition that is bigger than yourself and also our congregation because we are connected to Christians around the entire world, the saints who have gone before us, and eventually those who will come after us
then St. Christopher’s Anglican Church is for you!

A Very Brief History

St. Christopher’s is a Christian community of faith in Wooster, Ohio.  Our congregation first met for The Holy Eucharist in a home in January of 2017.  After several monthly gathering for worship and a meal, we then met twice-monthly and began worshiping and sharing table-fellowship with one another in the community room at the Beuhler’s Fresh Foods on Milltown.  After several months there we began to meet at the Seventh Day Adventist Church at 445 North Bever Street, where we continue to meet for worship to this day, and began celebrating The Holy Eucharist weekly on the First Sunday of Advent in 2017.  Our small congregation that had been slowly growing over our first few years was stalled by the coronavirus pandemic, just like every other congregation in the country, but we made it through and “started anew,” committing ourselves to Christ, the church, one another, and seeking the mission that God has for us in Wooster and Wayne County.

St. Christopher’s is part of the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes, which is a part of the Anglican Church in North America